Phillip Ortega

The people of Los Ranchos and especially the owner Jerry are extremely knowledgeable and helpful people – not just Salesmen. They are the most honest firearms shop I have ever encountered – period. They treat all their customers with respect and are extremely straight shooters when it comes to honesty and ethics in their sales and pricing. I frequent their shop and have always seen that they do not talk down to customers but treat all of them with respect and as I stated, honesty. I have been talked down to an have witnessed others talked down to by just about every other gun shop in town except the most pricey one. Their pricing is fair, their stock on hand good, and their knowledge quite exceptional. Especially for prospective gun owners and new gun owners, I would go to them first.

JP Pestana

Los Ranchos Gun Shop is more of an old school gun shop experience now and that is the way they want it. I have found them very accommodating in my many visits, whether looking, or buying. The shop has a wide firearm inventory, including AR, but if you are deep drilling for “all AR” there other stops in ABQ you may want to check out. However, if you are more diverse in your new/used gun requirements, LRGS is an absolute, must stop. The help is solid, but I like to speak with Jackson Harris-Manager- if I want to get deeper into more gun/ammo details. Like any shop, when they are busy you may have to be prepared to wait a bit to get counter help, but, in general, they have several persons working and the goal seems to have you leaving the shop pleased you visited.

Alfonso DeLeon

I had a hard time trying to find a FNS I called Los rancho gun shop & they told me they had one in stock . After driving 166 miles I was pleased with the customer service & got to walk out with a big smile and with a nice FNS 40 in my hand