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Los Ranchos Gun Shop FacilityOur story begins in New Mexico in 1977, when we first opened our doors to the small village of Los Ranchos. Our inventory looked a little different back then, but our passion for firearms and dedication to the gun shoppers of our community were as strong as they are today.

We’ve moved a couple times over the decades. Our current shop has been purposefully designed to better serve and educate our customers, allowing them to handle our merchandise safely and with confidence. Our atmosphere is welcoming and easygoing and encourages customers to hang out and regale tales of their hunts or just chat about the weather.

At Los Ranchos, we do things a little differently than other shops. For one, we really listen. We want every single person who sets foot in our store to feel completely comfortable, whether they’ve never touched a gun before or they’ve been shooting their whole lives. We’re also patient, taking the time to ensure that we understand each customer’s unique needs so that we may provide them with the products that best fit them.

Buying the proper gun takes time. No one should ever feel pressured into purchasing a firearm that’s not right for them or leave a gun shop feeling regret.

A knowledgeable, confident gun owner is a more responsible gun owner. A neighborhood that knows each other a little better is a safer neighborhood. And that’s the kind of community we want to shoot for.

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