Incoming FFL Transfers to Los Ranchos Gun Shop

  • All incoming firearms, whether from a manufacturer, distributor or another FFL dealer, must be pre-approved.
  • We charge $35 per gun for all approved FFL transfers.
  • Please Note: LRGS is not responsible for damage caused in transit or incomplete orders. Also, we do not warranty guns you order and purchase from another person or FFL.

Albuquerque Firearms Transfer

Outgoing FFL Transfers

  • There is no transfer fee on any gun sold in our store.
  • We will ship firearms for outgoing FFL transfers for $35, plus a charge for the cost of shipping (and insurance, if you want the additional coverage).
  • Please clear every transfer with your local FFL before purchasing a firearm online, ask for any fees and legal regulations that might be involved, then make sure you’re eligible to own or possess the firearm.

No Gun Registration or Licensing in New Mexico

  • Once the FBI NICS background check has been approved, you are clear to take the firearm.
  • The NICS background check is not the same as registration; the NICS background check simply confirms that you are a legal purchaser.

While there are exceptions to the Gun Control Act of 1968, the person taking possession of the firearm is required to pass an FBI NICS background check.

In addition, some jurisdictions may have additional processing requirements such as state or local criminal history, substance abuse, or psychiatric background checks. Others actually have mandatory firearms registration & licensing. (Click Here to view “Legal Restrictions & Requirements…States with Restrictions”).

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