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handgunsThere are many things to consider when choosing a gun for home defense. Our experts can help you determine which shotgun, rifle or handgun is best for your goals and preferences. We begin by listening to your needs, and then help you find a firearm that fits comfortably in your hand and empowers you to take charge of your personal defense.

Our team can also help you select the best home defense ammo for your caliber of gun, and guide you toward classes to help you master your firearm. We take a hands-on approach to working with our clients, so when you come in to see us, you’ll have a personalized experience and receive expert guidance.

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Home & Personal Defense Resources

Gun in its case.Securely Armed: Safely Storing Your Firearms


A mother of two young children recently came into Los Ranchos Gun Shop. She knew that a gun had the potential to be an excellent tool for keeping her and her children safe, but she was also keenly aware of the great responsibility that comes with owning such a…

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Woman placing gun in her purse for concealed carry.Concealed Carry In New Mexico: The Basics


Maybe you’ve heard the term “concealed carry” already, or maybe it’s a new one to you. You might have even seen a man or woman with what you suspect to be a gun under their clothing while out and about and wondered, “is that something I can do?” or “where would I even…

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Hand holding a gun in a gun store.Personal Defense is Personal


Personal defense is just that—personal. When you’re considering purchasing your first firearm for personal defense, it’s important to remember that your needs are unique. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the experience of choosing personal protection…

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