Albuquerque Hunting Basics & Safety Tips

Man in a field with a hunting rifle.When shopping for a hunting rifle in Albuquerque, safety is key. We are here to answer any questions you have about selecting a hunting rifle that best meets your needs and goals, and staying safe while in the field. No matter what your experience is, we believe there is a perfect firearm for everyone. We can also refer you to additional training, and answer your questions about safety, permits, New Mexico laws and regulations, and survival kits.

We are here to help you with personalized service. Our team has the experience and knowledge to answer any questions you have about hunting in New Mexico, and how you can get the most out of your rifle. We pride ourselves in taking a hands-on approach to working with our clients, so when you come in to see us, you’ll receive expert guidance.

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Hunting Basics & Safety Resources

Two men in camo hunting.One Shot at a Time

“One shot at a time,” a simple phrase I’ve repeated more than once. It’s a hunting reference, meaning you normally have one opportunity at a time to dispatch an animal accurately and humanely. It…

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Tips for hunting in New MexicoTips For Hunting in New Mexico

There is a huge variety of possibilities for hunting in New Mexico, with everything from duck hunting and upland game hunting to prairie dogs and coyotes—even big-game hunting for elk, deer, antelope, and sheep. Big-game hunting is one of the most popular of these…

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Elk in a field.Preparing for a Hunt in New Mexico

Taking a little bit of time to plan and prepare can make all the difference in having a successful, enjoyable hunt when you are considering a New Mexico outdoor adventure. If you skip the steps to prepare adequately, you might very well find that your equipment fails…

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