Target Practice and Shooting

Young girl at a shooting range learning how to shoot a rifle.Target practice and shooting is a sport loved by many people of all ages in Albuquerque and Los Ranchos. But to get the most out of this experience, you need the right firearm for your skillset, body type, and goals.

When you come into Los Ranchos Gun Shop, our team will work with you one-on-one to help you choose a firearm that fits comfortably in your hand and will help you take your target practice and shooting to the next level.

We can also help you find classes to help you perfect your aim, stance, and control over your gun. We welcome everyone regardless of experience, from beginners to experts alike. Call us at 505-345-4276 if you have questions.


Target Practice & Shooting Resources

shooting target, ammunition, and rifleHitting the Mark: Tips for Fun and Purposeful Target ShootingText


Let’s get into some of the great target options out there that will help exercise those eager trigger fingers and progress your shooting abilities.

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Best Semi Automatic PistolsText


Los Ranchos Gun Shop Has Your Best Semi-Automatic Pistols Semi-automatic pistols are similar to revolvers in the way they operate, except that instead of the rounds coming from a revolving cylinder, they are fed into the chamber through a magazine. There are three…

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Three Excellent Choices for Revolvers


Revolvers get their name from the revolving cylinder that is loaded with cartridges, allowing the owner to fire multiple shots without reloading. The best revolvers in Albuquerque are to be found at the Los Ranchos Gun Shop, where highest-quality products and customer…

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Black Powder Rifles & Supplies in Albuquerque


Black powder enthusiasts in New Mexico have great options open to them for enjoying the target-shooting aspect of the sport or participating in the annual black powder hunting season. To be ready for these excellent pursuits, you should take advantage of having one of…

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