Owning a gun safe in Albuquerque is all about safety and security for the gun owner, and that should be recognized as a major issue for everyone who keeps one or more guns on the premises. Gun safes come in many different sizes and shapes, starting with a handgun safe, which is meant to contain a single handgun. At Los Ranchos Gun Shop in Albuquerque, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of such gun safes, some of which can be opened by entering a combination code, some that open with a key, and others that will open by simply using a fob or chip that passes in front of a sensor.

Versatility of gun safes

You can purchase a gun safe and store it in a fixed location so that you’ll always know where it is, or you can have your handgun safe mounted somewhere in the home. You can also leave it free-standing, so that you can take the gun safe with you when you’re traveling somewhere and need to maintain safety and security along the way. Even traveling by air is not a problem when you’ve purchased a TSA-approved lockbox to contain your handgun. It will be checked with your luggage, inspected at the airport, stamped with a TSA-approved sticker, and you’ll be on your way.

Safety considerations

The safety provided by a gun safe or lockbox in your home simply can’t be overstated. When you’ve placed your handgun inside a gun safe or lockbox, you make it harder for children, or anyone else for that matter, to get to the gun and cause some kind of terrible accident. In fact, no one will be able easily to access your handgun if you don’t want them to, so safety of maintaining your handgun is a major reason for purchasing one of these protective containers.

Larger gun safes

If you’re looking to store one or more larger guns such as shotguns or rifles, you can also purchase full-sized gun safes at Los Ranchos Gun Shop. These types of gun safes can be highly rated against fires and unwanted entry, and you can demo one right at the shop. When you find one you really like in the catalog, it can be ordered through Los Ranchos and shipped directly to your home. For any questions about the benefits of owning a gun safe, please call or stop in at Los Ranchos Gun Shop in Albuquerque— where we’re always ready to talk shop with you.