First Time Shooter

People of all different body types and levels of strength can enjoy recreational shooting. Even if you are completely new to the hobby, and aren’t a very physically strong person, here are some first time shooter tips which can help ease you into it so you can get the same great enjoyment as more experienced … Continue reading “First Time Shooter”

Best Gun Store in Albuquerque

What makes Los Ranchos Gun Shop the best gun store in Albuquerque? It goes without saying that superior products have to be offered in a gun shop to qualify it as a top-notch retail outlet, but it goes beyond that because there are lots of places that offer high-quality guns and accessories. Here’s what makes … Continue reading “Best Gun Store in Albuquerque”

Highest Quality Guns for Sale

Highest Quality Guns for Sale If there’s one place in Albuquerque, NM for gun enthusiasts of all types to go, it’s the Los Ranchos Gun Shop. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced hunter, or whether you need target shooting supplies, shooting accessories, or a new or used firearm, you can find it here in … Continue reading “Highest Quality Guns for Sale”

Best Semi Automatic Pistols

Los Ranchos Gun Shop Has Your Best Semi-Automatic Pistols Semi-automatic pistols are similar to revolvers in the way they operate, except that instead of the rounds coming from a revolving cylinder, they are fed into the chamber through a magazine. There are three main types of Albuquerque semi-automatic pistols, which we’ve described below for your … Continue reading “Best Semi Automatic Pistols”

Best Guns for Women

Simply put, the best guns for women are those that will have some serious stopping power and can be discreetly worn in a comfortable manner. When you’re confronted by someone with criminal or malicious intent, you need to have the confidence that he/she will be stopped in their tracks if you’re forced to use your … Continue reading “Best Guns for Women”