Revolvers get their name from the revolving cylinder that is loaded with cartridges, allowing the owner to fire multiple shots without reloading. The best revolvers in Albuquerque are to be found at the Los Ranchos Gun Shop, where highest-quality products and customer service are part of the everyday routine. If you’re looking into buying a reliable handgun for yourself, this description of three generic types should help you.

Single-Action Revolver

This revolver is loaded with rounds in the cylinder, and the hammer must be cocked for it to fire. Whenever the firearm is discharged, the hammer needs to be re-cocked, which causes the cylinder to spin and chamber the next round of ammunition. Unlike either of the two double-action revolver types, the cylinder on a single-action revolver generally does not disengage from the barrel and must be loaded in place by spinning the cylinder and chambering the next round.

Double-Action Revolver

A double-action revolver can be fired by two different methods, the first being the same as a single-action revolver—the hammer must be cocked and the trigger pulled for the firearm to be discharged. When the hammer is cocked in this manner, the trigger action is very light, so it takes only light pressure for the revolver to be fired. An alternate method for firing is to skip the hammer-cock step and simply pull the trigger. In this scenario, much more trigger pressure is required to fire the gun, because the hammer has not been cocked prior to firing.

Double-Action Only Revolver

This type of revolver cannot have the hammer cocked, because it is not equipped with a hammer. That means it can only be fired by the ‘heavy’ trigger pull, which makes it a little safer, because a conscious choice and effort must be made to squeeze the trigger. Similar to the double-action revolver, the cylinder can be loaded with rounds by disengaging it from the barrel, and then clicking it back into place after loading.

Best Albuquerque Revolvers

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